Finally… time to recap

Wow, it has been five months since Flora and I went to Seattle and Canada!  We ate such good food but never had time to post our favorites.

This was my first time eating geoduck (gooey-duck)!  It paired really well with the scallions.


Deep-fried taro with ground pork and crab meat! YUMMMMY!


“Quality” Shrimp dumpling (ha-gow): skin was thin; a lot of shrimp inside


Pot of goodness: clear broth, rice, oysters, ground pork, roasted pork skin, chopped greens, cilantro green onions.  One of the best dishes we had on our trip!


Piroshky with spinach and mushroom. Not a Chinese bao, but a Russian bao 🙂


Sticky apple cinnamon bun: Mmm…


Flora says good food can be found anywhere.  But good Chinese food is definitely found in Richmond, Canada.  Can’t wait to try more when I go this month!

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