Into the Himalayas

When Cindy and I saw that there was a Himalayan restaurant in town (or specifically Nepalese-Indian), we were a bit skeptical, especially seeing that it was combined with Asian Fusion…what? But we had a pleasant experience at Taste of the Himalayas this past week. I’ll pass it off to Cindy to update the menu reviews.

First up, chicken momos – “Steamed dumplings filled with minced chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, and cilantro. Served with Tomato chutney.

IMG_4914Next was eggplant and mushroom in homemade Himalayan spices.

IMG_4915And to finish, a large portion of Garlic spinach noodles with Enoki mushrooms.


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One Response to Into the Himalayas

  1. What a wonderful meal! Glad to hear that you enjoy the food. I love Himalayan / Nepalese food and there are quite a few of them in NYC that I go on regular basis. The momos are the must and I love all the stew and noodle dishes they serve. Thanks for sharing!

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