Southie | Oakland, CA

Right before Cindy took off on her epic trip to Taiwan & Toishan with her mom and aunt, we had the opportunity to have dinner together again. It had been a while, with the last “real” monthly dinner having been back in October. For the special sending-off, we decided on Wood Tavern, after having heard so many good things. Unfortunately due to our last-minute decision, there were no reservations to be had. So we headed next door to Southie, which is owned by the same owners.

First up was DUCK LIVER PÂTÉ with brandied cherries, maldon salt, chives. My initial reaction was delicious. Though not a huge fan of liver, it brought back childhood memories of being forced to eat liver. It was smooth and tasty! And of course, the crostini itself was crunchy and chewy; perfectly toasted is how I’d describe it. For Cindy, the layer of pate was too thick.


From there, we moved onto a FRIED CHICKEN CUTLET with chickpea purée, radicchio salad, and a chimichurri sauce. It seems that wherever we go, Cindy and I can’t say no to fried chicken! It was moist and tasty, but the star of our plate was clearly the chickpea puree and the simple chimichurri. The chickepee puree was reminiscent of a mashed potato dish, and it was refreshing to have the chimichurri with chicken when we’ve normally had it on red meat.


Last but not least, we had BALLS & POLENTA which consisted of Niman Ranch beef-pork meatballs with a parmesan polenta. Meatballs were your standard tasty meatballs, but nothing special. The polenta was the perfect consistency and the amount of parmesan was just right. Cindy couldn’t stop eating the polenta!

IMG_20140218_195838After all of that, we couldn’t even think about dessert because we were so full.

TL;DR – I really enjoyed myself with the food. Cindy didn’t like as much of it as I did, but the both of us agreed it was a great restaurant with solid food. Check it out!

+Insider tip – there’a great candy store two doors down!

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