Over A Meal

When I first started traveling to different places and loving to try to new foods, I would yelp and get very excited about trying a new restaurant that has thousands of reviews. But on a trip my friend once said, “There’s good food everywhere you go.” I paused for a moment but didn’t believe her. But the more places I go and the more restaurants I try, I now believe what she said. There IS good food everywhere.

I have very high expectations for “good” restaurants, but sometimes I would leave disappointed. I think I can now pass on NEEDING to have a good meal whenever I eat out.

For me the part I really enjoy about having a meal is spending time with my friend (especially after a long week at work). If the food is excellent, that’s great! If the food is so-so, then oh well. If food isn’t important, then you may ask, “why do you have to go out to eat?” I think talking while you’re doing something makes the conversation less awkward because you are both doing something instead of staring at each other. When you’re eating, you’re both occupied and moving and if there’s an awkward silence, you can drink some water while you think what to say next. 🙂

Today I got to enjoy a very nice conversation over a meal with my friend (who said that profound phrase). The food wasn’t great even though we had to make a reservation two months in advance. But when we think back to this meal, we’re not going to think about the food we ate – we’re going to remember the conversation we had this evening. Both of us are very busy, but when we get together there’s something deep that strengthens our friendship. I’m very thankful for that. I don’t think I can ever drive home without reflecting on everything we say, including today.

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