Souley Vegan

After almost a year, Flora and I finally started our food adventure in October. Hmm..I guess Flora wanted me to graduate and start working so I can afford to treat her out haha 🙂 jk Our first restaurant was Souley Vegan.  After reading so many good reviews on Yelp, I really wanted to try it. The food was so so. The best item in our meal was the fried tofu! (It was like fried catfish except with tofu inside.) Aside from the food, we tried some very interesting drinks — cayenne pepper lemonade & strawberry ginger lemonade–in which both left a cooling and burning sensation in your throat!





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Finally… time to recap

Wow, it has been five months since Flora and I went to Seattle and Canada!  We ate such good food but never had time to post our favorites.

This was my first time eating geoduck (gooey-duck)!  It paired really well with the scallions.


Deep-fried taro with ground pork and crab meat! YUMMMMY!


“Quality” Shrimp dumpling (ha-gow): skin was thin; a lot of shrimp inside


Pot of goodness: clear broth, rice, oysters, ground pork, roasted pork skin, chopped greens, cilantro green onions.  One of the best dishes we had on our trip!


Piroshky with spinach and mushroom. Not a Chinese bao, but a Russian bao 🙂


Sticky apple cinnamon bun: Mmm…


Flora says good food can be found anywhere.  But good Chinese food is definitely found in Richmond, Canada.  Can’t wait to try more when I go this month!

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Congratulations, Cindy!

This past Friday, Cindy graduated with a degree in Corporate Finance from San Jose State University – with honors. Let the food outings begin. Look forward to more active postings here on Tofu & Eggs soon!


Congrats, Cindy!

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Choing FUN!


homemade rice noodle rolls.


tasted better than when eaten at a dim sum reason? why? because we made them by HAND! ❤

different types included – bbq pork & cilantro, shrimp, mango salsa, mushroom, dried shrimp & mushroom, etc

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Crepe Party

Cindy and I had a crepe party. Using a simple recipe from, we made some delicious nutella, strawberry & banana crepes. Afterwards, we found some sharp cheddar cheese, so made some crepesdillas too. Yum. Simple, easy, and so deliciously amazing.

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Burning bursts of broth en mi boca. I can probably eat twenty of these xiao long bao. Thank you, Vancouver.

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Fresh sushi

from Maneki in Seattle, WA

Blazing Godzilla – explosion of flavor and spiciness
Albacore – smoky…soft/chewy texture…yummy
Salmon – very fresh

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